Congratulations on Your Purchase of an ARUN Technology Metals Spectrometer!

As of the 1st of January, 2022; a comprehensive full 36-month warranty from installation (maximum from 14 months from shipment; whichever is sooner) is included in the purchase price of your instrument. Ensuring that it is free from any manufacturing defects arising from materials or workmanship, parts affected by normal wear and tear or customer misuse are excluded under the terms of the warranty. Genuine replacement parts must always be used for any parts that fail during the 36-month warranty period to ensure the continued validity for the remainder of the warranty period.

To validate the warranty and ensure support, it is important that the “Warranty Activation” form is completed. This form will be sent to service@aruntechnology.com. You must only complete the form after the installation and commissioning of the instrument. Warranty activation will include 30 days of free telephone support and remote assistance through TeamViewer (requiring an internet connection).


All ARUN Technology instruments are shipped from our factory in packaging specifically designed to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. We strongly recommend that the complete packaging, including all inserts, be retained should any future shipment be required. If for any reason the original packaging has not been retained, you can purchase replacement packaging direct from ARUN Technology or via your local ARUN Technology representative. Alternative packaging can be used, but must offer suitable protection to the instrument during transit. 

Activate your warranty now!

To ensure the continued operation of our spectrometers, ARUN Technology offers a range of after-sales care maintenance plans to meet your company’s needs. To find out more, contact service@aruntechnology.com or phone +44 (0) 1293 513123.