HELIUS is the first in the series of ARUN’s XRF handheld spectrometers. Using X-ray fluorescence analysis technology, this mid-size instrument analyses products of various materials quickly, reliably, and non-destructively. Weighing 1.51 Kg; this is the lightest amongst other devices in the market.

Inside the brochure is all the information you need about the HELIUS XRF’s that we have to offer, including the 300, 600 and 900.

HELIUS 300 – This is the go-to instrument for getting grade identification of metals in seconds without extensive analysis.

HELIUS 600 – This is the ideal instrument for scrap metals sorting and positive materials identification.

HELIUS 900 – This is the best analyser for environmental and RoHS compliance screening and geological inspections.


HH-LIBS versus HH-XRF Technology

Technical Specifications


Benchtop Stand

For repeated measurements in environments where surfaces are available, the benchtop stand allows the HELIUS to be mounted and samples placed within a radiation shielded compartment for ease of analysis.

Lightweight Jig

Allows the HELIUS to be mounted for easy measurements of powder samples – with a safety top cap also supplied.

Heat Jacket & Gloves

Significantly reduces the impact of high temperatures on the analyser and operator when measuring high temperature samples up to 500°C. A high temperature window film is also available.

Features of the HELIUS (XRF)


Login Screen


The Ready screen to start testing samples


Warning Screen to indicate when the instrument is on.


Main Interface Screen and Exist Screen

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