Early Detection Saves Lives

Fever is one of the typical symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and the detection of body temperature is the first key point of epidemic control.

The EXPEC 1810 can realise non-contact, fast, high-precision, large-area and multi-target long-distance body temperature screening.  The thermographic camera plays an important role in rapid screening of suspected patients in assembled areas like the airport, railway station, port, hospital, school, and office buildings.


The EXPEC 1810 is a hands-free, high precision and fast response AI intelligent infrared thermographic imager which uses infra-red absorption technology to capture body temperature. It is a non intrusive screening system designed to aid in the prevention and control of medical epidemics such as the coronavirus (COVID-19).


Technical Specifications

White Paper


Handheld Mobile Screening for use in crowded areas or fixed points.


Fixed Online Screening for continuous usage with an external monitor. Use at entrance or transportation hubs with a large flow of people.

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