High Performing Metal Analyser

The ARTUS 8 fulfils the requirement of proving fast, precise and accurate analyses for the perfect melt. It is one of the most powerful and reliable spectrometers offering a complete range of analytical programs including cast irons, steels with carbon and nitrogen, and all alloying elements and their traces needed for treatment.

It offers all the advantages of a flexible and versatile CMOS spectrometer. It even challenges some applications with classical photomultiplier systems, which are still the benchmark in high-end OES.


Quality Control and Assurance are essential to making your business successful. The ARTUS 8 is the ideal companion for incoming material, in-process testing, independent laboratory testing and final quality inspection. it is widely used in the steel manufacturing, cookware, automotive, aluminium extrusion, cast iron and carbon steel industries.

Risks such as material mix-ups and machinery damage are reduced thanks to adapters which detect and analyse oddly shaped samples and small pieces and the optimisable grade library which visually displays non-compliance alloy specifications.


ARTUS 8 Visible

ARTUS 8 Standard

ARTUS 8 Ultimate


Suitable for all non-ferrous applications where UV elements are not required.


Suitable for ferrous

applications with important elements in the UV spectral range (C, P, S, As, Sn, B, etc.)


Capable of analysing even deep-UV elements like nitrogen.

Fe, Ni, Co, Cu, Al, Mg, Zn, Sn, Pb, Ti Fe, Ni, Co, Cu, Al Mg, Zn, Sn, Pb, Ti Fe, Ni, Co, Cu, Al Mg, Zn, Sn, Pb, Ti
All alloying elements and major traces All alloying elements and major traces All alloying elements and major traces
Digital source for high precision Digital source for high precision Digital source for high precision
ARUN factory calibration ARUN factory calibration ARUN factory calibration
Gas consumption: Low flows, optic flush. No Optical system. Gas consumption: Low flows, optic flush Gas consumption: Low flows, optic flush
Technical Specifications
Optical System Paschen – Runge
Detector CMOS
Wavelength Range 120-680nm (Ultimate)

174-680nm (Standard)

212-680nm (Visible)

Power Supply Line input 90 or 260 Volts AC 50-60 Hz
EMC IEC61000-4-2



Working Temperature 10° to 35° C
Operating Humidity 20-80%
Argon Purity 99.998% or 99.999% purity
Argon Flow When burning – 3L per minute, Standby 0.1L per minute
Software •Intuitive software for simple routine operation

•Various user levels for secure and task-specific operations

Dimensions 721 x 440 x 770mm
Weight 80kg
Maximum Excitation Power 400VA
Optical Source Type 50VA
Discharge Frequency 400Hz maximum
Discharge Current 150A maximum
Spark Stand Aperture 12mm
Key Features

Large Spark Plate

The plates’ corrosion resistant surface and heat dissipation composition ensures 24 hours of un-interrupted and stable analysis.

One-Button Stop Activation

In the event of mis-operation, work can be stopped immediately to ensure the safety of personnel and the instrument.

Internal Gas Path Protection

The ARTUS 8 uses a gas path protection device. If the instrument is not used for a long period of time, the gas path/light chamber purification time will not exceed 8 minutes.

 Additional Key Features

·3-side open spark stand with XY-sample clamp

·Controlled by PC or laptop

·Windows 10 Operating system (required)

·Ethernet connectivity

·High-resolution, full spectrum optical


·High-resolution CMOS

·No vacuum pump

·Holographic diffraction grating

·Digital spark source

Software Features

It is not only the optical resolution that determines the analytical power of the instrument. ARUN’s bespoke software package has a powerful spectrometric hub as well as all the needed added features that help in daily routine work and make the use of the instrument efficient and a pleasure to operate.

Features include:

  • Foreign language menu capability
  • Factory calibrated programs traceable to CRMs
  • Automatic average calculation
  • Display of single or multiple analysis
  • Display of mean, standard or relative standard deviation
  • User configurable results screen
  • Formula editor (Carbon Equivalent, Total Trace, etc…)
  • Quality control and identification functions
  • User defined export functions
  • User configurable grade library
  • Report generator, print or PDF output, selection by sample ID field content
  • User standardization for global or individual program
  • User configurable type standardisation

The ARTUS 8 supports all metal types with the analyses of all their elements, in higher concentrations as well as the relevant traces. The range of factory calibrations is comprehensive with a wide choice of analytical programs for all applications and their alloys that include:

  • Iron & steel
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Nickel
  • Lead
  • Tin
  • Cobalt
  • Titanium

Go to the Resources page under Applications to read about the companies who are using the ARTUS 8 for the analyses.


ARTUS 8 vs MERLIN 4 (Technical Comparison)

Explore the all new ARTUS 8


USB interface for computer control and readout.


Temperature control: sensors detect internal and ambient temperature and ensure stable instrument condition.


Argon inlet.


Digital source for reduced maintenance and improved analytical performance.


Wide spectral range optical system for wavelengths above 200nm.


XY sample clamp for all types of sample shapes.


Spark stand opening with 10 or 12mm diameter.

Various adapters are available for special samples like wires, small parts, thin sheets, etc.


Spark stand design for improved performance, simple maintenance, and reduced operational expenses.

  • Electrode cleaning and adjusting without opening spark stand
  • Reduced Argon flows and Argon stop in idle times
  • Uncompromised gas flows for best results in analytical flush mode
  • Works with Argon qualities from 4.8 onwards

Optical system with direct light path for important elements like C, P, S, N, As, Sn, B etc.


Start/Stop button with LED light indicator of current status.

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