Independent Laboratory Testing

By providing rapid independent materials testing and consultancy, your metal materials will be checked for their suitability for compliance. This service is both confidential and reliable.

We offer expert support and advice in the field of OES technology together with skilled reporting. Our qualified and experienced technicians will provide in-house laboratory  materials testing of metals for industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, foundries, rail, scrap metal and recycling, and aluminium extrusion.

We can test an extensive range of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and alloys and more.

  • Aluminium alloys
  • Cobalt alloys
  • Copper alloys
    • Bronze
    • Brass
  • Ferrous
    • Steels
    • Chrome
    • Tool
    • Cast Iron
  • Magnesium
    • Rare earths
  • Nickel
    • Inconel
    • Hastelloy
    • Incoloy
    • Nimonic
    • Monel
  • Lead
    • Silver/Zinc
    • Antimony

ARUN’s laboratory is supported by well-equipped in-house machinery and instrumentation that enables us to provide quick and accurate sample preparation and testing.

Our experience and understanding of your production processes means we will work to minimise disruption to your production and operating schedules so we can provide a fast turnaround.