The History of ARUN Technology Limited 

(1986 – ∞) 


2022 – A new addition to the handheld product line: Coming Soon!

2019 – The first desktop OES Spectrometer with CMOS detector: the ARTUS 10, was launched at the GIFA Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. We were delighted to host all our counterparts from the competition who were very interested to learn about the new CMOS detector being used for the first time in a metal analyser. On-site production functions include: re-validating quality control, quality assurance, quality performance testing and certifications, calibration testing, technical support, service, sales, marketing, and shipping.

2020 – A new addition to the OES product line, the instrument called CALIBUS has been launched. It is LIBS  (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) which is type of atomic emission spectroscopy.  On-site production functions include: re-validating final factory settings with QC/QA/QP testing and certifications, re-calibration testing, fully function technical support, service, sales, marketing, and shipping.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have aimed to support our communities by providing the EXPEC 1810: a thermographic camera solution for monitoring and detecting fever in humans. This technology has been widely used in the Asia-Pacific region since the SARS Outbreak in 2003. 


1986 – ARUN Technology’s beginnings in the United Kingdom started with the founder Mr. Lamplugh. He was the first to introduce thuse of Charged Coupled Device (CCD) in OES Spectrometers to measure the light in a simple metal analyser. It was in fact, a sorter as opposed to an analyser, which identified a type of aluminium without giving a detailed element-by-element analysis.  

1987 – Mr. Lamplugh formed a companyRoxboro Technology, based in Southwater, Horsham, United Kingdom where the production of CCD spectrometers for metals analysis began 

1989 – The first instrument; known as the Annaloy 1401 proved to be a success and several hundred were sold worldwide In the early 1990s more instruments were designed with improvements of better sorter and as a desktop analyser: still using CCD technology (see Product History). 

1999 – Laurie Palmer joined ARUN Technology as a Managing Director from HILGER Analytical Roxboro Technology merged with the main Solatron factory in Farnborough, United KingdomThe Farnborough facility engineered, produced, and solCCDOES spectrometers.  

2001 – The Roxboro Group purchased a factory in Slough and another in Crawley, West Sussex and the manufacturing was relocated back to Crawley. Engineering and sales moved to a new location in Farnborough and a restructured business known as Solatron Analytical. With production in Crawley and Solatron production in Slough, it was a less than an ideal set up. Sales continued at a steady and remarkable level.  

2005 – ARUN Technology was formed and started trading as MetalScan LtdThe Slough and Farnborough factories known then as Solatron Mobrey were sold to Emerson International of the USA, while the analytical business and Solatron Metrology in Bognor Regis was sold to another US multi-national: AMETEK Inc.  

2006 – MetalScan Limited were acquired and started trading as ARUN Technology at the new premises at Unit 16, the Brunel Centre, Newton Road, Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom. The newly named company started trading on the 6th March 2006.  

2016 – The company was acquired by Focused Photonics Inc (FPI) from China. They were ARUN’s largest customer and distributor in China. 

Focused Photonics (Hangzhou), Inc. is a China-based company principally engaged in the research, development, manufacture, and sales of instruments. The Company operates through two main segments. The Instruments segment focuses on providing environment monitoring systems and operating service, industrial process analysis systems, hydraulic and water utilities engineering systems and laboratory instruments. The Other Business segment focuses on providing consulting, design, engineering construction, operation, and management services of sewage treatment. They have 5512 employees.

2017 – ARUN Technology Limited registered its name change with Companies House, United Kingdom with the current company address being Unit 16, The Brunel Centre, Newton Road, Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom. On-site production functions include: full assembly, final factory settings, quality control, quality assurance, quality performance testing and certifications, technical support, service, and shipping.

2018 – Thanks to continued investment in ARUN Research and Development (R & D), software, and full assembly facilities in China by FPI;  ARUN Technology has been successfully launching innovative instruments to date. The first analytical spectrometer designed with CMOS (Complimentary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) and TEC (thermoelectric cooling) technology were developed. On-site production functions include: final factory settings, quality control, quality assurance, quality performance testing and certifications, calibrations, technical support, service, sales, marketing, and shipping.